Each of Julia Christe’s stellar photographs is tinged with a lot of happiness and a little bit of magic. While her portraits of people and stunning landscape shots are each a sight to behold; it is her work with animals that has truly set her apart, with each collection carefully considered and unlike anything else you will see in the artscape.
The Freestyle series shows Christe’s whimsical side, and depicts a collection of excited, jumping dogs snapped seemingly mid flight, feet splayed, ears and fur at attention. Julia Christe is showing groups of dogs popping like popcorn and interacting on their journeys through the air as well as ladylike portraits of dog faces. All breeds of dogs are privy to Christe’s lens, and her portraiture and breed-specific pieces are just as gorgeous.
Julia Christe (1973, Tettnang/Germany), a former student of Bernhard Prinz who has been awarded numerous art prizes, has shown her works all across Europe and North America. She lives and works in Berlin/Germany.