Tina Winkhauses (1966, Essen/Germany) work is incomprehensible. Thats actually amazing because her works are structured, clear. subversive and offensive and feminist. That’s all true and at the same time it isn’t. Tinas works wanders through completed photos studies in Munich, New York and London through the area of photography and juggles with their strategies: Collage, engraving, entropy, and indexicality. One gets the sense that Winkhaus has studied Barthes and Adorno. But there is even more ; digital, electrical fragments, manipulation and reference. Her works reflects back at us and allows us a certain insight ,without which we would begin to doubt reality itself. Just one glance at a work from Winkhaus and the world dilapidates into dust and glitter. Winkhaus blends the private with the tasteless and manipulates in a fully unscrupulous manner. - Eugen Taran